The Art Of Letting Go

“There is no point in holding on for so long. You are just making your life miserable, for what? For nothing.”

Black n white

We often people hear say “let it go!” But no matter how easy it is to say, it’s never that easy to do.

There are so many things, issues, stuff, feelings, people sometimes that we really need to just let go. It’s dragging us down and isn’t healthy for us (all of the parties involved) anymore so we should unload and move on. Life gets better beyond that moved on line. Believe me.

It will be difficult at first, there is the denying stage then the “can I hold on some more?” stage but eventually you’ll make it through.

Sometimes, it’s a mistake.. a big big BIG mistake we truly regret and wish that we can turn back time or click the undo button. But there is no undo button in the real world. OR sometimes it is a step we didn’t take that we hope we did, for it…

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