You Can’t Have It All

This has been a famous saying to us but is it really true? Is it? I guess.

You can’t hold too much candy in your hand whenever somebody hands in to you for free. You can’t grab in your arms all of your five (5) dogs and four (4) cats at the same time. It’s rare to happen that you win a lotto and have a wonderful lovelife. Wealth doesn’t come often with a package of having the happiest life. This is the most used example of all time — it’s either a great career or a blooming lovelife.

Why? I, myself don’t have the exact explanation. I don’t know.

Having everything won’t make our lives perfect, will it? In this world, it is not always rainbows and butterflies. To possess everything will not make us crave for better or for more. It might make us stagnant. Yes, it is right to be content with what we have but you should always aim for better. This will make us grow. 

No matter how much we try, regardless of the effort we put it, the answer to some of our wishes will always be a NO. That’s okay. There is a reason why that was not given to you, just think that probably there’s more at stake if you wait a little longer, if you try a little harder.

Not because it didn’t work out now, it will never work in the future. Sometimes, it is timing.

There are questions better left unanswered. There are words better left unsaid.


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