It’s been a long while and I am just wondering how you are at the moment. Is it raining from where you’re at? Well, the weather has been in your favor for the last couple of weeks… months and I know how much rain makes you feel good.

You were the last relationship I had and I know for a fact that we’ve both moved on. You’re happy now with your current, I suppose. It still comes to mind every now and then if what will your reaction be if you find out that I haven’t had any whatsoever kind of relationship after ours. Just to be clear, I am not wanting you back. This is just plain, non-malicious question of your weird past.

Will it bother you? Make you think if we should get back together? Wonder if I will do anything to win you back? You were wrong when you thought that I have feelings for the “best friend?”

I am fine. Steady. I will be honest, I have not shut the possibility that you and your GF will break-up one day and you’ll come back to me (haha).

Yes, you are probably. You’re my THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY and the words “got away” is there for a reason. I will not change that to a present neither future tense nor make it near instead of away.


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