Sometimes, You Need Help


Given the number of load we carry on our shoulders, there are times or there will be times that we’ll not be able to finish everything on time. Sometimes, even our body give up. With this, we must keep in mind that we are not alone.

Yes, WE ARE NOT ALONE. We may not see it but there are people around us who see the pain and struggles and, luckily willing to help us. We have family and friends who will extend their hands in order to ease our pains. Don’t pretend that you are fine.

You’ve already established with yourself that you are strong. Give yourself a pat in the back and a big round of applause, I know, we know you can do it and you can make through it. BUT don’t shut the doors for people who wants to help you. Don’t push people away. Avoid turning people down when they give a helping hand. Sometimes, you offend them (just in case there are people you’ve offended and you are not aware).

No matter how strong and independent you are, if all of the world’s problems are on your shoulders, you will not be able to handle it all by yourself and a little help will not kill you.


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