It’s Not Always A Yes

A famous line says, “Learn when to say no.”

You can’t just receive loads of things to do and then do it yourself. You are not a saint, or if you are, everyone has their limit. You have to know when you should stop saying yes to people. Some tend to abuse it without you noticing.

There is nothing wrong in being nice or in helping others. Actually, it is good. It will give you some sort of satisfaction within yourself when you were able to help someone and when it really helped them (did I make sense?). Anyway, this is common when the scenario is they did not asked for your help but you reached out and it eased up their burden.

However, we are humans and we get tired. Now a days, we have a lot on our shoulders, our plate if not full is almost full.

Not because we know how to do something or we know we can do it, we’ll get it done. It is neither the relationship you have with another that you’ll immediately and gladly extend your hand, nor the fear of being told that you are snob or them calling you some bad words. You know yourself more than anybody does, you know when you should say no.

Yes, it is not easy. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel right. I know that not all people will take you for granted (we never know) but you have to give yourself a break. As far as I know, even superheroes get tired.


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