Time Is Gold, Is It?

Are you in hurry? Am I in a hurry? We’re all aware that time is continuously running and will not stop for us unless it’s already the end.

While we exist in this world, is there a need to rush? I don’t know. It depends, maybe? In this day and age, people love instant stuff and like to do things quickly in order to save time, even though the time will not accrue later on to which we can use like money.. savings. Time saved does not earn interest as well.

Personally, I am the type of person who don’t like to wait, who likes that things be done quickly, who multi-task in order to accomplish stuff and not waste time. I believe that TIME IS GOLD.

However, a friend told me “You’re rushing…” and that struck me like a lightning. Am I? Do I really am? Well, the answer was established already, YES because I don’t like slow and I don’t like waiting. I guess, it’s time to slow down. Nobody is running after me. Probably one of the many reason why I am alone, rather single is that I am in a rush. I might be missing on a lot of things. Some passed by me without me noticing.

In this fast phased world called reality, it’s not all rush-rush-rush, we have to know when to slow down especially when there’s a hump on the road, and most importantly, be aware when you need to stop (not permanent thought).


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