An Open Letter To The Guy In The Train

“Babe, what station will we alight?”

Blackberry phone. Navy blue hoodie. Sweat. 4-5 doors from the back. Yes, it is the “babe” guy from LRT-2. We don’t know each others name, you were there first. It was past 9pm, Tuesday sometime in January 2015. I ride at Pureza Station going to Cubao. Upon approaching Betty-Go Belmonte station, (station prior to Cubao) you utter that question out of nowhere and to nobody knows who.

Upon you asking, nobody respond (not to my knowledge), and I kept scrolling down my Twitter feed with what ifs in my head — a. Answer loudly “Cubao” then if I was the only one who answer I will not have a moment of shame OR 2. Say “Cubao” in a low tone and if you go down too at that same station and talk to me, yay again to me. It will be a win-win situation for me, I-KNOW! haha. 

Yes, it seems like it only happen in movies and btw, that was “That Thing Called Tadhana” season. And that was also the reason I did not answer out loud, I just tweeted my response.

Will there be a chance that our paths will cross again? I hope so and when that day comes, please baby boy approach me, (selfish again, but hear me out first) because I am normally reading and don’t care with the people around me. That could be a big leap, if ever, but why not?! I just want to ask you if to who were you addressing that question.


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