Do You Believe In Destiny? Or Fate?

It sounds funny and weird but I do. I believe that if something is bound to happen, it will. I believe in fairy tales and happy endings. I believe with prince charming. I believe in true love.

“Just believe” is what they always say but you cannot believe in something nor have faith in anything in an instant. There’s always this some kind of a spell or magic voice that whisper behind your ears and tells you that there is something.. something unexplainable but it will make you believe.

Sometimes you believe falsely, you fall into a trap where you should not be in the first place. When that happens, you should not blame yourself or anyone, you wanted that initially. Never regret that it happened. In life, there should be no regrets, only lessons learned.

This illusion which made you believe is so powerful but it’s all in your mind. It’s hard to control. You know it, but you allowed yourself to be under the spell…. because it makes you happy. That is fine but once in awhile (especially if you’ve been there for quite some time), re-evaluate, maybe the happiness it brings is nothing compared to the peace it will give you if you’ll let go of what you are believing in.

Things change, adapt to it. Don’t hold on if it’s killing you already.


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