To Hope Or Not To Hope?

Number of things come to mind when we hear this four-letter word, HOPE. It could be love, life and everything in between. But this big word most of the time comes with a pair, with hope comes expectation.

It is somewhat innate for us to hope and expect that good things will come to us. At least, that’s positive. We wish, pray and hold on to promises uttered by another. Despite the advise not to, we still do.

Why do we hope? Maybe because we saw a sign or signs that there is still a chance. Probably this guy that you like smiled at you and said Hi! which gave you the light in the dark tunnel you’re at and there you found yourself thinking that maybe one day he’ll ask for your number.

Or in school, you got a failing grade during the midterms but when the results of the final examinations came out, you have the highest score in the entire class, or it could be the other way around and thus you hope to get a passing grade for that subject.

Hope is just not about love, we hope for all the nicest things that can ever happen in our lives. It’s not bad to hope, what is, is when the hope turns into an assumption. Because when we hope, we start to expect on what would be the outcome of it. These expectations often lead to disappointment.

Now, it’s up to you. Hoping for something or someone is great (for me personally) because there is some sort of goal you have and look forward to BUT don’t expect that what results you hope for will always be in your favor.


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