The One That Got Away..

A perfectly fit person for us but the timing seem just not right. Been together with this person but something went wrong for a while and that’s the end of the story for the two of you.

You’ve imagined yourself spending the rest of your lives with someone, growing old and having children with them. This could be a past lover, a current lover, a long time crush, a suitor you said no to, or a friend. Yes, a friend. And sadly you just let them go.

Is “the one that got away” the one? We never know. It is possible and at the same time impossible. It is different from love… last love or one great love or even one true love to be specific. We can still meet that one person most of us call soulmate and that’s most likely not “the one that got away.” I say this, simply because you two meet with a purpose and nobody let go and walked away.

The fitness of two different people does not guarantee you that they will end up together or that they will fall in love with each other.

“The one that got away” is like your ideal mate, your prince charming for girls and your knight in shining armour and the common denominator of it all is that there might be an evil queen who will do everything for you two not to be with each other. Or if you guys are strong enough and will make it work, you will have your happily ever after.


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