5 Ways To Look Slim

1. WEAR SLIGHTLY OVERSIZED SHIRT/CLOTHES. This is also for comfort so you can move freely and to hide excess fat.

2. FIND YOUR ANGLE. This is important during picture takings. The camera is not always in your favor so you have to adjust. There are poses that you can do to highlight some features of your body (i.e. shoulders raised to show the collar bone) OR hide the flabby fats (i.e. put your hand on your chin and do a classy pose).

3. CHIN UP. In relation to #2, always always chin up, stomach in, chest out. To hide the extra layers of chin we have and show the people you are poised.

4. STAY BESIDE A BIGGER PERSON. This will project you as thinner and smaller. People will notice the other person as fat since he/she is fatter than you.

5. GET YOUR HAIR STYLED. The hair Gods and Goddesses know what cut is best for you as well as which style will look good on you so let them do their magic. Just inform them before hand what style you have in mind and you guys can do some sort of mini discussion.


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