If He’s Not Into You, He Is Not Into You

It is true, he isn’t noticing you. He probably doesn’t like you. I am not all nega here but somebody’s got to tell you. Owwwkay, to sugar  coat the truth, maybe he is just not the one.

Girls have crushes, let us admit that. There’s this cute guy over there with a cute smile and a dimple or you’ve heard a certain guy speak and he sound so smart. And if the world is just so nice, both of these traits are present to only one guy. A guy who you often see in your street, in school or at this coffee shop you normally go to.

You start to think about him and simply just can’t get him off your mind. You can draw his face even if you close your eyes. This is such a nice feeling. Cloud nine.

BUT whenever your paths cross, he don’t even look at you. There is this one time that he smiled at you but that’s it. You start to think that he’s probably taken or worst gay or probably just busy with his life (why the hell not?) and you refuse to accept the last option that he is probably not into you.

Start to accept that last option and try to divert your attention but if you still want that cloudnine feeling you experience when you see him, okay but don’t baby it. Crush is good for motivation and inspiration. Know the limits.


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