Take That Step And Enjoy The Journey!


The distance doesn’t matter if you’re enjoying the journey, that is what’s important in life. You may fall a number of times but it’s okay as long as you were able to stand up and try again.

When you start something, you often check how long will it take to finish it or how far is it. There are two ways to use the time and distance that you found out — 1. To remind yourself that this will end in due time; and 2. To prepare yourself of what awaits you if you move forward.

The bike broke again today, but hey I was able to fix it and papa did not pick me up to be able to go home 🙂 What I’m saying is, the first time it broke, I tried fixing it but I felt embarassed and did not tried that much to fix it and called papa so he can pick me from where I am stuck at that time. Now, I called him just to let him know what happened and asked him what to do. I tried and tried until I was able to fix it. I called him again, this time to inform him that everything’s managed and I am on my way home.

Regardless of the distance and the falls that you may experience along the way, still go! This is an experience that for sure you will learn something from. Use the experience as a knowledge when you’re faced with the same problem again next time. It may seem difficult but always rememberimageYou will feel down, alone, lost at times but that is normal so calm down, honey. Motivation comes in different forms, sometimes in a way you never expected. Be aware of your surroundings because the world have a lot to offer and it will depend on you how you will see and take it.

Overheard from a kid saying to another kid who is learning how to ride a bike:image







DO NOT LET FEAR EAT YOU! Overcome it instead!


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