#ForeverAlone | Will I Ever Find The One?

My last relationship was more than 3 years ago, actually, turning 4 years this coming May 2016. Yes, I know. I ended it. Initially it was a choice to be single. I am not pretty nor sexy nor princess-y type of a girl but I did end the almost 3 and a half year relationship.

I am not the perfect kind of girl that every guy will dream to have.

I feel alone some times. It’s almost always that I ask myself “Why don’t I have a boyfriend? Why?” whenever I see couples.. sweet PDAing couples around.



This quote though. I remind this to myself, maybe (okay, maybe) there is a problem with me. I don’t go out and mingle with people. Don’t get me wrong, I am friendly. I smile to people. I say thank you. I interact. But I don’t initiate the small talk. Why? I am afraid of rejection. I am shy (??). I am introvert. There are times that I think that if they really like you, they like you no matter who you are. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore.


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