Death: Option or NOT


Bakit may tao na gustong bawiin ang sariling buhay para sa isang maliit na problema kumpara sa taong walang makain sa araw-araw, walang matuluyan pero pinipilit mabuhay ng naayon sa tama?

We all have these struggles in this thing called “LIFE” but hey life is so precious! If you’re unsure, don’t wish to die. If you are not ready yet, don’t wish. If killing yourself ever comes your mind, try to think of the following:

  1. Consequences;
  2. Why;
  3. People who love you.

You may not feel it, you may not see who cares for you but still, look around.

I’m fine dying, really but when instances like “near death experience/s” happen, I think, not the right time, not now. If only killing my life would save someone I love, it’s okay. I am more than willing to die.


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